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We are is passionate about travel. There is no denying that.

We care about ensuring our clients receive the best service possible. We care about making sure every interaction, no matter how small or routine: is memorable. We care about the people and the animals we impact through traveling. We care far too much about far too many things, but that’s what makes Mindful Travel Solutions unique: genuine care and connection.

Our founder, Amanda Simpson has over a decade of Travel sales experience and a Degree in International Development, that stemmed from a love of travel.

Amanda is the perfect person to ensure your holiday leaves lasting positive memories, and not lasting negative impacts. From the second you meet Amanda, her passion and love for Asia shine through! She leaves you confident that your holiday is in the right hands.


Travel Partners 2020 Ambassador of the Year.
2020 Entrepreneur Of The Year Finalist.

“We believe when you travel and fall in love with a destination, a little piece of your heart remains in that country. Our heart is spread all across the world, but it will always stay in Asia.”

Our Team

We may be small. But we keep up with the big dogs.

Amanda Simpson

Over a decade of Travel sales experience and a Degree in International Development, that stemmed from a love of travel.

Our Charities

When you book a holiday with Mindful Travel Solutions, you will be proudly donating to the people of Cambodia. 10% of all profits are donated directly to charities that provide educational opportunities, protection, and supplies to support those who need it most. By booking a holiday with Mindful Travel Solutions, you are directly supporting ABC’s and Rice Cambodia.

ABC s and Rice

ABCs and Rice is located in Siem Reap, Cambodia. ABCs currently assists over 250 students and their families, through food and education. Their mission is to activate global awareness and helpful resources on the plight of those caught in a cycle of poverty; and to initiate and operate effective community projects, based on the concept of educating children in their native culture and English literacy, while concurrently nurturing the physical and psychological well-being of the children and their families. They Believe:

Free to Shine

“Empowering with an education to prevent sex trafficking”

Free To Shine is an independently-funded, non-profit organisation founded in Australia, working to prevent sex trafficking in Cambodia. Their work is child protection focused, human rights-based, and designed to strengthen families and keep children in education.

Their Cambodian team works with local authorities and communities to reach the most at risk rural girls, reducing their vulnerability to trafficking by improving their access to education and providing them with social work support.

They don’t build new private schools; they make it possible for children to access their local, public school.

They don’t rescue or save children from sex trafficking; they work to prevent them from being trafficked in the first place.

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We sell the most trusted brands in travel and showcase the very best in Eco and Responsible Tourism.

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