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If you have been searching through lonely planet guides and travel forums for the best travel tips, then you will likely have found that there is no substitute for personal experience and the advice and wisdom of fellow travellers. When you travel you meet some truly remarkable [...]

Travel Tips: I Wish I Knew, Before My Overseas Adventure!

I want you to have a think back to your first overseas adventure. For some of you, this will be a little harder to remember than others. Some, because it was long ago and others because it may have been one big boozy haze. But give it a [...]

Victoria: It’s Okay To Feel Bitter ( and not just about travel)

Well, Melbourne, here we go again. But there's something eerily different about this time around, it feels divided. Last time there was this feeling of togetherness. Social media was flooded with positive stories about how we are "together, but apart." Television adverts were pumped full of corny music [...]

5 Reasons You Need a Travel Agent in Your Life

Pssssst! Let me tell you a secret: We know you CAN book your travel, by yourself online. Phew! What a relief right. I mean imagine a whole industry of travel agents unaware that the internet exists. Here's the thing though: Why would you? There are millions of websites, [...]

Top 5 Australian Eco Stays To Add To Your Bucket-list!

Australia truly is an eco lovers dream! With diverse landscapes, beaches, rainforests, bushland, mountains, deserts, and so much more, it is not hard to find your very own pocket of paradise. With so many incredible eco properties right on our very own doorstep, you will want to try [...]

Mindful Travel Solutions Catches Up With Travel Edjo

#togetherintravel I sat down with Josh from Travel Edjo. We had a good chat about how things have been on the front line over the last couple of months, how I have stayed connected with my clients as well as my plans for the business moving [...]

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