If you have been searching through lonely planet guides and travel forums for the best travel tips, then you will likely have found that there is no substitute for personal experience and the advice and wisdom of fellow travellers.

When you travel you meet some truly remarkable people. I have been fortunate to learn and grow from people from all walks of life, from all across the globe.

I pulled the friendship card in order to bring you their absolute top travel tips …You’re Welcome!

Lewi- Sonder Media

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Lewi is the man behind the camera at Sonder Media. His aim is to produce art to inspire and boy does he deliver. I have been following Lewi’s journey for a few years now and am constantly in awe of his braveness, individuality, passion, and his ability to dance to the beat of his own drum. His most recent journey saw him ride solo on horseback through Mongolia. Then tackled Pakistan by foot with the occasional hitchhike (As you do!). If you want to keep up with his adventures, I highly recommend following his journey at Sonder Media!

1. Be open. Every culture is unique and every country offers exciting opportunities. Be prepared to get outside your comfort zone (if you want to be comfortable…stay on the couch). Hang with locals, eat the food, get off the beaten track and be stoked with the wonder of it all.

2. Learn the basics of the local language. It may not feel like much but it goes a long way to showing that you care and it will often open many doors for you or at the very least you can both laugh together at your poor pronunciation.

3. Smile! This is the most important one for me. A smile costs nothing yet is an essential tool. It transcends language barriers and universally creates a connection and warmth.

Zac- Adventure Guru

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I am lucky enough to have called Zac a friend for over 25 years! (wow that makes me feel very old). One thing that I have always admired about Zac is his ability to stand apart from the crowd and when he travels it is no different. He often chooses destinations that others may not and turns right when the crowds go left. This paired with his keen sense of adventure, make his travel journeys… dream-worthy! You can check out some of Zac’s work on his Instagram.

1.Travel by yourself at least once in your life; its a bit of a sink and swim feeling but you always end up succeeding. That anxious feeling of sinking gives you the drive to do something memorable daily. It forces you to be the best version of yourself, without the safety and comfort of friends you talk to strangers and plan adventures with people from all walks of life. Whilst having the freedom to be exactly who you are with no preconceptions of who you should be. Traveling solo allows you to immerse yourself in your surroundings and take in all the details.

2. Keep hidden emergency money in your backpack in a currency that hold value; throughout my extensive travels throughout Central and South America there where times I wouldn’t see an ATM for weeks and card was never an option. 50 USD got me out of a lot of tricky situations where i was in desperate need of accommodation last minute, a bus ride into town or food, and water in a remote village. It’s extremely valuable when crossing borders frequently as no country likes to take their neighbouring countries money but the ‘green back’ talks all languages.

3. Choose the night bus; this is for the thrifty travellers or for those on a tight budget. You save a night’s accommodation and don’t waste your valuable day time riding a bus instead of exploring the sights and sounds of the new town you’ve rocked into.

4. Spontaneity is the key to a great holiday, don’t book too far ahead. Plans change.

5. Pack outfits instead of counting clothing items; advice my girlfriend thinks girls should know, pack light, pack plain, pack smart.

The Joneses- Travel Duo

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Okay, so can we just take a moment to embrace how cute these two are! Lisa and Roger are the creative team behind The Joneses travel and blog. Self-proclaimed “millennials” that don’t quite fit the mold. They speak to my soul with their travel style: somewhere in-between those damp backpacker rooms and the “I only eat caviar for breakfast”! You won’t find them travelling with their laptops to immediately record the fluffiness of a hotel’s pillow, or how many times one can call for ice up to the room before the staff gets annoyed. Instead, they scribble and take photos and immerse themselves in the experiences! Follow them on Instagram and stay tuned for a super exciting feature blog coming soon!

1. Turn Left; when everyone is turning right. Do the ‘tourist attractions’ but explore the city or town like a local. Walk in the opposite direction. Stay just out of the main town.

2. Vitamins/Berocca. Make it your friend. Travel puts a lot of pressure on the body. Your routine changes; you eat more, you drink more, you’re more relaxed so your cortisol relaxes. We travel with it everywhere. Even within our own state. One each morning makes sure we’re giving our bodies what it needs while we’re enjoying those pasta & wines in Italy or cocktails by the pool.

3. Enjoy the journey. Whether by car, plane, or train. There’s something magical in that moment that needs your full surrender. Appreciate and be grateful for the opportunity you have and the adventure you are going to or coming home to tell the tales of. Keep the window shade up, there’s a lot to experience and see during the journey. Don’t rush to get to your destination.

Dale- Canada’s best steal!

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Dale’s passion for life and adventure is so incredibly contagious that I can almost catch it from halfway across the world! He is definitely Canada’s latest and greatest steal for the past 4 years: where he has been fortunate enough to call Banff home (living the dream). Dale is my go-to guy for all things Canada and snowboarding and with an exciting new project in the works: when COVID is all over, you too can experience Canada with Dale and experience first hand his larger than life approach to having a good time! Watch this space, great things are coming!

1.Less is more. Don’t pack everything you own plus the kitchen sink and expect to enjoy your trip as you drag everything you own around from town to town! Pack only the essentials and leave room for things you fall in love with to bring home (not people or furry friends). Besides, you can always stock up on things you might have forgotten in most places you end up!

2.  Less is more (again). Don’t plan your trip down to the minute of every day. Anyone who’s done this will be quick to tell you of their disappointment when an opportunity to go somewhere or be involved with something fell through because of a booking they’d made months ago. Sure, have your first and last nights sorted for accommodation and location so it’s easier and more convenient for getting in and out, but for every other day of your trip, have loose plans for what you want to do but wait until you’re on the ground to make decisions on what you want to do and where you want to be!

3.Make an effort to learn some of the local culture and language: A little bit of effort goes a long way! Many countries have longstanding and strong beliefs towards a variety of things. Doing your research before you arrive and then practicing these things will go a long way to ensuring you show appropriate levels of respect wherever you go. Learn how to say simple things like “Hello” and “Thankyou” in the local language. It’s really not that hard but it makes a world of difference to locals who quickly understand that you’re making an effort!

Debbie- The Heart and Soul of Travel

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Where do I begin to introduce Debbie? She is honestly one of the most beautiful and caring people you will ever meet. She has a calm about her and an ability to bring a positive light to any situation. She genuinely cares for everyone she meets. Why do I tell you this? because she is EXACTLY who you want by your side when you are traveling. She thinks about the things that others often overlook. She researches the best activities in an area and makes sure everyone’s interests are taken into consideration. She is a true gem! We can all learn a little something from Debbie and her top travel tips!

1.Talk to the Locals- Ask for their tips on what to see in the area and especially where to eat!

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – Occasionally you may be pointed in the wrong direction as they’re too embarrassed to say they don’t know but generally, people will go to huge efforts to help you.

3. Downloading maps.me offline maps for when you have no internet. They’re not always 100% accurate but there are some great travellers who have pinned points of interest and this can be a lifesaver when you have no internet!

4. Buy a local SIM card if you can. It helps to have a mobile number for booking tickets and you get much cheaper internet deals.

5. A travel belt that goes under your clothes – they may look unsexy but in some places, it will give you that peace of mind that your dollars and most importantly passport is safely with you!

Kate- The not so crazy cat lady!

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If you ever have trouble finding Kate while overseas: Leave out some milk for the local cats. I guarantee Kate won’t be far behind. If that fails… a few bones for the stray dogs… Oh Hey Kate! This girl has an innate ability to attract wildlife wherever she goes. We asked Kate for her top travel tips and had to take out the 15 that were all about cats and dogs… I am of course joking, but if asked she would deliver.

Kate has some amazing tips from her trips all around the world, from group travel, solo trips, and loved up holiday romances, Kate has experienced it all! She knows how to enjoy her holiday while that giant heart of hers is always open to wanting to support causes, people, and animals along the way.

  1. Spend time with locals
  1. Don’t forget to haggle. Most people are awesome but unfortunately, there are a lot of people that are out to get your money so keep your wits about you.
  1. Don’t have too many expectations before you go somewhere. Some of the spontaneous places you never thought you’d visit or maybe never even heard of turn out to be the best. Some of the places you read the most about turn out to not be so good after all.
  1. Learn to safely ride a bike. It makes travelling around so much easier and you can see a lot more places. But please for the love of God wear. A. Helmet (and don’t drive like an idiot).
  1. If you’re interested in seeing animals, please do your research beforehand. A lot of ‘sanctuaries’ are corrupt and treat the animals atrociously. Always do your research.
  1. Use work away, especially if you’re travelling for long periods of time. You can normally get free accommodation on exchange for a few hours of work a day

Sid- The Eccentric Explorer

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If you don’t already, you certainly need a Sid in your life. This boy does not have a care in the world for what is considered ” popular” when traveling he seeks out the most unique and most quirky activities and finds himself on the craziest of adventures that always make me want to pack my bag and join in the fun!

Sid has a great Youtube Channel you can check out Here!

1. Embrace the unknown- Take some chances and you’ll have an adventure!

2. Overland it- You’ll see more, meet more people and again have more of an adventure this way!

3. Always look out for cafes- most of the time you can buy 1 coffee then use their free WiFi for hours!

4. Be open-minded- You meet people from all walks of life while you travel, not everyone shares the same opinions as you and that’s ok!

Sharing is Caring!

Feel free to share your top travel tips below and we will showcase them on our socials this September!